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What is a 21st Century Private School Educator?

Recently, I wrote a blog about how Extraordinary Teachers Are Using Technology to Transform Education. The natural progression of this blog was to examine who these extraordinary private school teachers are.

Teachers such as the one described in the blog are 21st century educators—professionals who have adapted to the technological transformation that has taken place in online learning. The dynamics of education are transforming via the Internet and ever-expanding technologies.

K¹² International Academy, one of the K¹² Inc.’s private online schools, has become a showcase for these technologically savvy and exceptional 21st century teachers.

Although an online teacher’s office may seem atypical to the status quo, the dynamics of education are transforming via the internet. These teachers are guiding students in their educational journey using the award-winning K¹² curriculum, flexible scheduling, individualized instruction, and dedicated support.

Beyond the classroom, these teachers embrace social media and engage in positive community building for their school. From teaching blogging tips on how to begin a new school year, establish a routine, or how to sustain your sparkle, to liking the K¹² International Academy Facebook page and being rewarded with important announcements and invitations to live events.

K¹² International students have embraced and engaged in this 21st Century education methodology by sharing some of their favorite school projects on Instagram and participating in live virtual field trip chats (#icadvft) on Twitter.

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Roey Hillard

Roey is the social media coordinator for K12 International Academy. She has developed, implemented, and managed the social media strategy for K12 International Academy. The social community has been designed to offer information, support and connections among current customers for retention and engagement. Roey has been able to expand her social media talents to improving upon and expanding the social media presence for all private K12 schools in various social media channels and analyzing the impact of her efforts using Google Analytics. Primary Focus includes content marketing strategy including creation and use of user generated content, customer engagement techniques and consulting on social media best practices. Previously, she taught social science and technology courses at the secondary & collegiate level in both traditional and online settings. She holds a B.A., B.S., and graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a master’s in education from Kaplan University.

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What is a 21st Century Private School Educator?