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Tree Change Dolls—A New Look for Old Dolls

See how one family is changing the way we view dolls, with just nail polish remover and a positive look on beauty.

Sonia Singh is an artist, illustrator, and scientist based in Hobart, Tasmania. She repurposes second-hand dolls, mostly Bratz fashion dolls, by removing the heavy eyeshadow and lip gloss and painting their faces with more natural, realistic appearances. Her mother helps her by sewing new clothes for the dolls that also have a more down-to-earth look. Without the overdone makeup and glitzy clothes, these dolls are proving much more relatable to kids.

What started in January 2015 as a side craft project has taken the media by storm. Sonia and her family have been overwhelmed by the attention and positive feedback they’ve received. Check out a few of the before-and-after photos below.



Sonia even provides a DIY on how you can recycle and up-cycle old dolls and toys. You can follow TreeChangeDolls on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Images via TreeChangeDolls Tumblr


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Tree Change Dolls—A New Look for Old Dolls

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