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TED Ed: 8 Traits of Successful People

This week, I’ve chosen my favorite TED Ed video for the new year. It’s in the “What Will You Do With Your Life?” series, and it’s about the “8 Traits of Successful People.”

This entertaining 7-minute video introduces you to the work of researcher Richard St. John who spent 10 years talking to 500 successful people about what made them successful, in dozens of fields.

To summarize, the eight traits are:

  1. Passion: Love what you do
  2. Work hard
  3. Focus on one thing, not everything
  4. Push yourself
  5. Come up with good ideas
  6. Keep improving
  7. Serve others
  8. Persist, because there’s no overnight success

It’s a great lesson for a new year, and to learn more, check out Mr. St. John’s website. Happy 2015!

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TED Ed: 8 Traits of Successful People

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