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Summer Bootcamp Provides Preparation for ACT, SAT College Entrance Exams

The fine line between acceptance and rejection at leading colleges often hinges on SAT or ACT scores, and proper preparation for those tests can make all the difference when it comes to results.

Acceptance to the nation’s top colleges has become more difficult. Stanford University admitted only 5.0 percent of its candidates this year. Harvard University admitted 5.3 percent (down from 5.9 percent a year ago), while Columbia University admitted just 6.1 percent of those who applied.

“No longer is a high grade point average the golden ticket for being accepted to the college of your dreams,” says Dr. Staci L. Kimmons, George Washington University Online High School’s head of school. “Students need to bring a competitive portfolio, including good scores on college entrance exams.

“Most schools have a minimum score for admission. When reviewing scores for colleges such as GWU and the University of Maryland, we can see that the average score of an admitted student is much higher than the minimum. Therefore, we want to position our students to be competitive in the process.”

Even students with a strong base of knowledge can find the ACT and SAT tests challenging. Test day can be an unnerving experience. Understanding the best test-taking tactics and what testers are looking for, particularly on essay questions, can help students feel more relaxed, more confident, and mean the difference between excellence and sub-standard performance.

George Washington University Online High School is making certain its students are as prepared as possible by offering its Online Bootcamp, free to students who enroll for the fall 2015 term by June 30.

The August 3–12 Bootcamp will cover test-taking strategies in addition to meaningful reviews for math, English, and writing. The program will discuss the merits of ACT versus SAT and provide writing tips, sample essay questions, and mock tests.

Enrollment in GWU’s Online Bootcamp will be limited to the first 30 students, with priority given to rising 10th and 11th graders. The program will be conducted from 9 AM to noon, but students will be provided with daily recordings of the lessons.

“GWU ACT/SAT Bootcamp is a great option for our rising 10th and 11th grade students as they prepare to take their college entrance exams,” Kimmons says. “In addition to being a free, online offering, it is held during the summer, when students can dedicate the time needed for test prep. The courses will be led by GWUOHS faculty and administration.

“The students will be learning general ACT and SAT test-taking strategies and have the opportunity to engage in intensive math, critical reading, and essay writing support. They will have the opportunity to participate in two mock tests to determine how they would fare on the actual exam. Additionally, teachers will provide resources that students can use for test preparations throughout the school year.”

For more information or to enroll, speak to a K12 Enrollment Center Adviser at 877-382-6456.

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