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Preparing for College at an Online School

Every year, high school students from around the country graduate unprepared for what lies ahead.  The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education recently reported that nearly 60 percent of incoming freshmen need remedial courses to get them up to speed.

Even in Maryland, where the K-12 school system is considered one of the best in the nation, approximately 80 percent of students who graduated and went on to attend a two-year community college needed remediation.

This research is causing many young adults and their parents to look for an educational option that offers rigorous, high-quality courses to help them in preparing for college and succeed at the school of their choice. With K¹²‘s award-winning curriculum, personalized college counseling and individualized learning strategies, The George Washington University Online High School offers students an edge they won’t find anywhere else.

The online education provider partnered with the nationally renowned George Washington University to create and offer a unique online private school that offers an innovative, dynamic, and flexible education, fully individualized to fit the needs of the student.

GWUOHS offers over 100 courses individualized for each student, including Comprehensive, Honors, and AP® levels, to meet the needs and interests of diverse learners. Each student receives an Individualized Academic Plan (IAP), with carefully mapped-out, personalized learning strategies, that reflects their learning style and focus—highlighting strengths and areas of challenge, and giving us insight into their goals and aspirations.

Starting on day one, students receive personalized college counseling that continues on until graduation. Taking into consideration how daunting researching and applying for colleges can be, personalized college counseling helps each student uncover unique options available based on their own criteria and what’s best suited for them academically, physically and socially.

GWUOHS counselors guide each student through the process of researching and finding colleges, selection and applying to the colleges of their choice, and learning the skills that will help them be college-life ready. They believe that teaching kids how to thrive in college and beyond is a critical piece of being prepared. A unique planning course, Journeys Symposium, is designed to help students develop self-awareness and skills so they graduate college-life ready.

Because GWUOHS creates personalized academic plans, regularly assesses each and every student and focuses on their particular strengths and challenges, they are able to ensure their students are on track and college ready.  George Washington University Online High School creates and maintains a college-going culture that can make all the difference in their success.

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Stephanie Hoaglund

Since graduating college, I have been involved in the Internet and/or Social Media. I guess you can call me an early adopter. I share information and connect with families and help create and participate in an online community focused on educating our future generations. My role combines my passion for social media, education and helping parents and families. Being a parent myself, I get to be a part of and witness first-hand how our current generation is growing up in a world where social media and technology is the norm.

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Preparing for College at an Online School