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Patrick Keeney

Patrick (Pat) Keeney, director of college and career planning for High School Product Management at K12, is a career educator who has spent time in the classroom, in addition to consulting, launching a company, and working with K12. Pat has also had the role of a Learning Coach for many years, so he has seen the K12 experience from that perspective as well. Although he is presently in Product Management, Pat served for almost seven years as part of the K12 Product Development group where he was the lead instructional designer on many high school math and science courses and helped in designing games like X-germz. Prior to joining K12, Pat was a consultant at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and he founded an online education company. He also spent 17 years teaching high school mathematics and science, primarily physics, in Maryland and Pennsylvania classrooms. Pat’s interests range from basketball, a sport that he has played and coached, to chess. He finds that games are one of the best ways that people can learn about and simulate experiences in the world.

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Patrick Keeney

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