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Online Learning Allows Skater’s Success in Class and On Ice

Collin’s dad always rewarded academic progress with more time on the ice, so the sixth-grader worked hard to pass test after test in order to follow his passion for figure skating.

In time, Collin reached a qualifying level in figure skating that demanded more practice time. Then his mother passed away in 2012. The coinciding events made online learning a good choice for Collin.

The “only outlet for his grief seemed to be his skating,” Collin’s father wrote. Collin joined K12 and Washington Virtual Academies and was able to complete school work within a flexible schedule that allowed him to mourn the loss of his mother, pursue skating, and flourish academically.

“He is doing so much better in math and history,” his dad wrote.  “He no longer worries about a letter grade, but rejoices in mastery of a subject.”

Collin’s dad’s support for his son’s goals in the classroom and on the ice have allowed Collin to ‘Go For His Gold!’

Like Collin, each one of us has at least one quality or accomplishment worthy of a gold medal. What’s yours? Share your winning talent with us on our What’s Your Story? site for a chance to win an iPad mini!

You can also print out these medals and give your child or student an award when they excel in their school work, sport, or other day-to-day activities.

Read more about Collin and his online education experience at What’s Your Story, our online story teller:


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