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Being a child actress is no easy feat, and adding ice skating, roller skating, piano lessons, dance class, and horseback riding to that role may seem like too much for one person to accomplish successfully. Not the case for Rosanna Foss.

From a young age, Rosanna has been a go-getter. After her mom, Oxana, sent pictures of Rosanna to scouting agents, and she was chosen to be featured in Raising Hope, she was unstoppable. From features in movies such as A Broken Code and It’s Never Too Late, and a role in the popular TV Series Criminal Minds, her schedule continued to get busier and busier.

As Rosanna’s list of extracurricular activities grew, Oxana realized that her daughter needed a school schedule that allowed her to take advantage of every opportunity that came her way.

The Foss’s turned to online education with K12’s California Virtual Academies.

Online education gave Rosanna the educational freedom to pursue all of her passions.

But Rosanna wasn’t finished.

After Rosanna watched her friend perform in the musical Annie, she decided that she, too, wanted to do something for orphans. Her mom suggested crocheting scarves, but Rosanna thought only adults would like them. As they thought it over, they came up with the idea to make dresses since Rosanna had attended a camp where she learned to sew.

Oxana asked her daughter how many dresses she wanted to make and Rosanna took no time to respond, “100!” Now, how would they pay for it? Rosanna thought of all of her hard work and acting, and wanted to use the money she earned to pay for the materials. With the help of her older sister, the team of three began cutting and sewing and, together, made 100 dresses.

Rosanna can now add philanthropist to her many roles. She has accomplished all this thanks to her motivation and the help of her teachers at California Virtual Academies who worked with her schedule to make sure she could achieve all her many goals.

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