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Mobile Apps for Preschoolers: Set Sail on a Boat Adventure

Ahoy! We spy a new app on the horizon!

In K12’s newest among mobile apps for preschoolers called Boat Adventure: Short Vowel Sounds, players travel from stop to stop on their way to one of three islands, answering questions about short vowel sounds to build a custom boat and reach their destination. Along the way, they’ll encounter mermaids, sea monsters, dinosaurs, astronauts, and more. The more questions that are answered correctly, the more items players can choose from to add to their boats, such as an igloo, a tent, a telescope, a zebra, wings, a unicorn, and many, many more!

Geared toward children aged 3-6, Boat Adventure supports early literacy by providing interactive phonics and phonemic awareness practice. The app focuses on the short A and short O sounds, and you can unlock games to focus on short I and short U sounds too.

Boat Adventure is now available on iTunes, Google play, and Amazon for iOS and Android devices, including mobile phones and tablets, such as Kindle Fire. The following features make the app appropriate and fun for very young learners:

  • Customized play allows children to choose maps, games, and items for their boats.
  • Each game can be replayed, so children can choose their favorite games over and over.
  • All games include colorful illustrations and animation that make them fun and inviting.
  • Audio support and consistent game functionality empower children to play independently.
  • Parent-lock feature keeps children away from parent instructions and prevents them from making accidental purchases

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Amy Rauen

My professional background includes instructional design and content writing. Prior to my work at K12, I designed technology-based educational products, as well as published thirteen supplemental math readers. Since 2007, I’ve been part of K12’s Instructional Design team where I’ve contributed to the design of award-winning, web-based elementary programs in math, language arts, phonics, remedial reading, social studies, and science. I have also provided instructional design guidance on several of K12’s mobile apps, including K12 Timed Reading Practice, K12 Read Aloud Classics, Hidden Picture, Robot Bingo, and Boat Adventure. (Early in college, I also spent one day as a telemarketer of long-distance phone plans. I quit the next morning and didn’t even bother to pick up my paycheck.)

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