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Minecraft: Story Mode Video Review from a Kid’s Perspective

Telltale Games recently released Minecraft: Story Mode, a new adventure game made in collaboration with Minecraft creators, Mojang. It’s an episodic series that takes place inside the Minecraft world. The players determine the course of the original story based on the choices they make in the game, including what they say to the other characters. The game has an educational value similar to the original Minecraft, including promoting creativity and teaching strategy and patience, plus it introduces a narrative so kids can learn the art of story-telling and consequences of actions.

So, how does Story Mode stack up against the vastly popular Minecraft game from a kid’s perspective? Learning Liftoff enlisted nine-year-old Caden to review the game. Caden is an enthusiastic Minecraft player who has enjoyed building with his friends and sharing his “Minecraft world,” so he was excited to try this new story-centric game. Watch the video below to see how Caden rates Minecraft: Story Mode!

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The second of the five episodes is available now. Tell us what your kids think of Minecraft: Story Mode in the comments.

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