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Military Family Appreciation Month

Active duty military has more than 3.14 million family members in the U.S. The month of November is set aside to recognize and appreciate their sacrifice and support.

Military Family Appreciation Month is designated to extend a heartfelt thanks to the families of  2.27 million active duty and selected reserve members of the Armed Forces.

Through deployments, frequent moves and new cultural experiences, there is no doubt that military families face many challenges that sometimes affect children’s experiences with and performance in school. However, these challenges can also serve as opportunities. In fact, many children in military families have found success through K12’s online learning programs.

Those challenges and opportunities presented to military families are recognized worldwide this month, and many global companies are doing what they can to help. Here are a few ideas to exemplify your appreciation:

 Make a card.

via Military Avenue

5 great places to find free local events

Buy tickets to local attractions, museums, and sporting events.

via Celebrate Every Day With Me

Buy groceries, household supplies or gift cards to nearby stores.

via Saving cent by cent

Throw A Tween Pampering Party

A day of pampering.

via How Does She?

Weekly babysitting or tutoring.

via eHow

boy helping mom by painting wall

Assistance with projects around the house.

via Earnest Parenting

Amy's Craft Bucket: Arts and Craft for Kids: Making fire works with a straw and food coloring!!

Basketball games, craft nights or book clubs where service personnel and family members can unwind.

via Amy’s Craft Bucket

Care Package, Military, Deployment

Care packages to soldiers serving away from home, and families at home.

via a semi-delicate balance


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Brittany Marklin

Brittany Marklin

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Military Family Appreciation Month


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