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Kindergarten History Learning Activity: Map of Europe

Learn about eight countries in Europe as you complete these puzzles.

Match the country on the left to its place on the map of Europe. Then try to identify each country’s flag and some famous landmarks.

The countries featured in this game are Ireland, Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, and The Netherlands.

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This activity can be found in our Kindergarten History Course

Course Details:

The kindergarten history program teaches basics of world geography with the seven continents. Students will:

  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the frozen expanses of Antarctica, and the grasslands and rain forests of Africa
  • Learn what it is like to climb the Andes and ride with the gauchos
  • Become familiar with the landmarks, people, and stories of many countries in Europe and Asia, as well as North America, including Canada and Mexico
  • Learn about American History through biographies of famous figures, from Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims to Thomas Jefferson and Sacagawea, from Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony to Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, from Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers to Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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