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K12 Teachers: Committed to Student Success

Meet a remarkable group of K12 teachers, plus a school principal, who are from several online public schools in the K12 network. They explain the benefits of teaching online, their close partnership with parents, the value of individualized learning, and their commitment to student growth and success.

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Deanna Glick

Deanna Glick has spent two decades as a writer and editor, covering education policy, adoption, and other issues of interest to children and families. Deanna has also worked and volunteered for youth-focused nonprofits, including Students Run LA and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. A California native, Deanna loves to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail and spend time on the Shenandoah River near her Northern Virginia home. She often finds writing inspiration through her 8-year-old daughter, who loves to read, paint, play sports, and learn.

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K12 Teachers: Committed to Student Success