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Where Do K12 Online High School Graduates Go to College?

Graduation season is well under way, and many schools around the country have already celebrated the accomplishments of their 2013 seniors. What comes next for an online high school graduate?

Since the first graduating class in 2007, K12 schools have graduated more than 5,000 students, many of whom have gone on to top colleges. Like any high school graduating class, brick & mortar or online, students follow different dreams; some go on to college immediately, others seek to enter the workforce or join the armed forces, and still others take some time off, to travel or pursue other interests.

Where do K12 graduates go to college?

K12 graduates have gone on to some world-class universities. In 2012 alone, students from our public virtual academies were headed off to schools like Stanford, Brown, Juilliard, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon. Previous graduates have gone on to attend just about every prestigious university you can think of, including Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Harvard, and NYU. Listed below are just a few of the excellent post-secondary institutions that K12 students have been accepted to, all of which are ranked as top colleges by the US News College Ranking List.

Columbia University The Juilliard School
Stanford University Carnegie Mellon University
Duke University University of Southern California (USC)
Northwestern University University of Virginia (UVA)
Brown University Wake Forest University
Cornell University University of Michigan
West Point University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of California (UC) Berkeley New York University (NYU)
Tulane University Brigham Young University (BYU)
American University Vassar College
Villanova University U.S. Air Force Academy
Rice University

Other paths

While many students go on to college immediately, other students choose different paths. Many students choose to join the military or enter the workforce after graduation. Thanks to the passage in 2011 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) H.R. 1540, graduates of online high schools today have the same status as traditional high school students when it comes to enlisting in the armed forces. Other plans include volunteer or missionary work, travel, and marriage.

Students choose online schools for so many reasons, and their dreams for after graduation are as diverse as they are. We wish all our students the very best in their future endeavors, and are so happy we could be a part of their educational journey!

Here are some stories about our recent 2013 High School graduates:

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