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Going for the Gold – Olympics Quiz

Find out how much you really know about the Olympics with our Learning Liftoff quiz. You and your family may be surprised at the history behind the games!

Click to read the answers below, but take the quiz first to see how you did!
(1.) What do the five Olympic rings represent? A: The five continents participating. (2.) Where are the Olympic Games being held this year? A: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (3.) How many Olympic gold medals has the USA won prior to the start of the 2016 summer games (summer and winter games combined? A: 2,681 (4.) Where were the first modern Olympic Games held? A: Athens, Greece (5.) True or False? The Olympic Torch symbolizes the gift of fire from Greek Mythology. A: True (6.) How many events are in the 2016 Summer Olympics? A: 306   (7.) Prior to the 2016 Summer Games, which country has the most Olympic medals? A: USA  (8.) Which U.S. athlete has the most Olympic gold medals? A: Michael Phelps (9.) In what year did the U.S. begin participating in the Olympic Games? A: 1896 (10.) How often are the Summer Olympics held? A: Every four years

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Going for the Gold – Olympics Quiz

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