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Fun Music Video Offers Lesson in Persistence

Looking for an entertaining way to introduce your child to one of life’s most important lessons? Look no further than Earthworm Ensemble’s whimsical music video titled, “I Didn’t Give Up.”

Released April 2, the song’s message that persistence pays off will resonate with your entire family, especially the younger members.

Learning to not give up is particularly critical to the education process. The earlier kids learn that trying, failing, and trying again are all part of learning, the better.

This video captures perseverance from a child’s perspective and takes note of the hard work often required to master something new, whether it’s solving a math problem, learning to tie your shoe, playing a musical instrument, or kicking a goal in soccer. The catchy beat packs a positive message with lyrics such as, “I got it wrong, so I did it again. I had to do the whole thing over and over, and I’m never giving up again!”

Founded by Shawn and Sherri Nourse, Earthworm Ensemble prides itself on delivering wholesome music for youngsters. And while the lyrics are tailored for children, this collection of accomplished California musicians holds nothing back musically. According to the band, “Our songs are on the country/folk side, with old timey fiddle and jaw harp. But we also throw in psychedelic California sounds, some country rock guitar, New Orleans second line drumming, and once in a while some hip hop beats.”

In addition to “I Didn’t Give Up,” their new CD Backyard Garden features songs about dinosaurs, ladybugs, moles, coyotes, chicken coops, backyard gardening, composting, the jet stream, fish consciousness, and recycling. It is available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.

So when you’ve exhausted your copy of The Little Engine That Could, don’t give up (pun intended). Try teaching persistence with the folksy harmonies of “I Didn’t Give Up” to breathe new life into this age-old but always-valued lesson. You might just find yourself humming along.

For more inspirational examples about the power of persistence, check out these Learning Liftoff posts.

Featured Image – Earthworm Ensemble

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Fun Music Video Offers Lesson in Persistence

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