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5 Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you’re tired of seeing the same thing year after year as you pull out your Christmas decorations, it may be time for a change! As with any home decor, there have been many trends in holiday decorations over time—some good, some bad. Whether you are a simplistic stylist or are inspired by Clark Griswold, here are a few trendy Christmas decorating ideas to try out in your home this holiday season.

Rustic Metal

Rustic Metal Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Metal is seeing an emergence in the decorating world, especially when combined with lights or raw wood. This trend falls into the category of rustic, with a throw to upcycling. Taking advantage of otherwise discarded materials, upcycling reduces waste by taking throw-away items and turning them into art.

As you consider these types of decorations, it is a good time to discuss with your child the concept of creative reuse of items in order to eliminate waste. What do they not use anymore that could be transformed into something new?

Merry and BRIGHT

Merry and Bright Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas colors are no longer just red and green. Don’t be afraid to introduce bright colors or trees themed with your favorite colors. There are so many options and color combinations that you can try a new theme every year!

Try having your kids choose a couple of different colors from one of their favorite pictures to use in making their own holiday decorations. This activity will help them bring their art to life!

The Outside Coming In

Outdoors In Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside your home has long been a decorating tradition. For your flower arrangements, garland, and centerpieces this year, move away from the traditional poinsettias and holly leaves and feature alternatives such as pine cones and berries.

This is a chance to discuss with your children evergreens and the type of flowers and foliage commonly seen during the winter months.

Glitter and Glam

Glitter and Glam Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

Some of us love a little sparkle in our lives, and the holidays are a fabulous time to take advantage of glittering up our homes! Whether you are going for an elegant and glamorous look or more of a fun and sparkly feel, don’t shy away from glitter and shine.

While there may not be much to teach kids when it comes to this trend, glitter is famous for being a favorite of little artists. If you want to avoid purchasing anything new this year, consider letting your children glamorize some of your outdated decorations.

Vintage or Nostalgic Pieces

Vintage or Nostalgic Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

At times, it’s heartwarming to remember your childhood or days passed through vintage or nostalgic Christmas decorations. These can invoke wonderful memories or thoughts of a simpler time. Don’t be afraid to pull out those old ornaments or look for some classic decorations to bring nostalgia to your home.

These decorations can be wonderful conversation pieces with your children. Have grandparents talk with them about life and Christmases when they were young, or emphasize to your children the importance of carrying on traditions within your family.

What are your favorite trendy Christmas decorating ideas? We’d love to hear what you do to dress up your home during the holidays!

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Letise Dennis

Letise Dennis

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5 Trendy Christmas Decorating Ideas

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