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Infographic: Plotting a Course for Career Readiness

Career readiness is increasingly important in today’s job market. Students must begin thinking about their career aspirations in high school so they will know what type of postsecondary education they will need. This Learning Liftoff infographic provides a glance at the current job market and how students can navigate it. Read more about career readiness in high school on Learning Liftoff.



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Paul Merced

Paul Merced is design editor of Learning Liftoff. His passion and style for illustrating, photography, and design is a great blend for the educational field. With a BA in digital art from George Mason University, Paul is working on illustrating a children's book that will be released in the next few years. As a former bookseller, Paul loves reading his large collection of books and graphic novels.

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Infographic: Plotting a Course for Career Readines…

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