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Bullying Prevention: A Fun Way to Teach Kindness

We all want our kids to be kind. I remember my mother being very upset with me if I was mean to another kid. It was something she took very seriously. But I know that it can be difficult for parents to instill the importance of being respectful in their children.kindness coins

This month is National Bullying Prevention month, and we’re focusing on teaching kindness.

To give parents some help and make teaching kindness fun, we’ve developed printable kindness tokens.” Whenever you see your child being thoughtful or respectful, you can recognize their behavior by giving them a token. Your kids can also hand them out to others to acknowledge when someone is being kind.

We also left some blank so you can write in your own specific thanks for acts of kindness.

We hope you and your kids have some fun with these and help K12 in our efforts to turn the tide against bullying this month and beyond.

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Lauren Martin is a Writer for Learning Liftoff. Previously, she has written for nonprofits as well as marketing agencies. She's covered environmental issues, women's rights, world poverty, and animal rights. With a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Ithaca College, Lauren enjoys interviewing families about their experiences with online education.

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Bullying Prevention: A Fun Way to Teach Kindness

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