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The Best Free Educational Songs for Kids on YouTube

Everyone knows the tune to the ABC song—it has been used for generations to teach kids the alphabet. This is because music can be a great learning tool and can be used to teach a plethora of subjects.

We’ve searched YouTube and found a few channels featuring some of the best educational songs for kids. At first, I thought I may have been out of school too long  and the resources I used might no longer be cool or just seem outdated. After researching, I found that some of the songs that I enjoyed as a kid are just as effective today. Some of the cartoons may be a little dated, but the songs are perfect for teaching a variety of (what should be) common knowledge.


For younger students, this is a great resource for learning nursery rhymes that incorporate counting and spelling. In addition to popular nursery rhymes and songs, the channel features videos to reinforce everything from good manners to potty training.


This is another great YouTube channel for younger kids. ABC Kid TV features more than 50 videos that are fun and educational, on everything from the alphabet, to shapes, to animals.


Here is an older show that I loved as a kid, and probably didn’t appreciate some of the things the show was trying to teach me. While it was mostly a wacky cartoon, watch the videos below to learn geography and history in a fun way.

Countries of the World

50 States and Capitals

They also have a song on the US presidents ending with Bill Clinton

It was difficult finding a song that included every president’s name, but here is 43 facts for 43 presidents. If you can find a song, please send us a link!

If you’re looking to learn the seven continents K12 has a great song. Click the image below to listen.

7 continents song

Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock was a staple in classrooms and homes alike, featuring awesome songs and cartoons that are still used today to teach kids about every subject.

My personal favorite is the history of the American Revolution, but you can find most of the Schoolhouse Rock videos here.

They May Be Giants

A great channel for a variety of reasons, but they have a particular playlist that is dedicated to educational songs for kids.

Another great science song, for those of you looking for a real challenge, is “The Elements Song.”

Epic Rap Battles

What started as a fun video has evolved into one of the most popular channels on YouTube and a good resource for older kids who are interested in history. While the videos lean more towards entertainment than education, the creators do their research and there are nuggets of history in each video. Is this how you spread knowledge in the 21st century?

*Please note some of the videos contain language that is inappropriate for a younger audience.

We know that we are only scratching the surface when it comes to educational songs, so please share your favorites in the comments.

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