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Avoid Pumpkin Carving with These 5 Weekend Activities

From caramel apple cider to pumpkin spice puppy chow, we are loving autumn. So today, we’re sharing even more of Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks for the top snacks, crafts, and other fun activities to pump(kin) up your weekend, October 10-12.



Pumpkin carving is a typical season activity, but why not put a spin on it and make it your own? Use some of your kids favorite toys, and make a pumpkin they’ll never forget. By using Cinderella toys, and craft items like rhinestones, a crown, and tulle, this pumpkin brings the fairy tale to your own backyard.

via let’s go fly a kite

pumpkin drip art painting autumn fall

Avoid carving altogether, and make the pumpkin your canvas! The spherical shape makes them ideal for drip painting. Drip children’s acrylic paint directly onto the top of the pumpkin, then let the paint start to slowly dribble down the sides. Using thicker paint is important as it needs to move slowly down the side.

via The Imagination Tree

Pumpkins are also great canvases for characters! Make your favorite characters, or showcase who your hero is, and submit it in K12’s 9th annual Art Competition going on now through October 31st. The competition is open to all students in kindergarten through 12th grade, and prizes will be awarded in each grade level. There will also be an overall Best in Show for the entry that blows our judges away! For more information, see competition guidelines.

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Another non-carving pumpkin idea is to Mod Podge it. Cut small pieces of any tissue paper you want, and place them on the pumpkin using Mod Podge. When the pumpkin is completely covered and dry, paint on an exterior coat of Mod Podge to protect the edges of the tissue paper and prevent peeling. Hot glue some flowers on top for extra pizzazz.

via Tracy’s Trinkets & Treasures

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinky

Avoid the reality of a pumpkin altogether, and create your own figuratively from a slinky! Hot glue the ends together, paint it orange (or any any color you want), place a twig, some raffia, and a leaf in the center, and voila! You have yourself a beautifully easy fall decoration.

via the space between

Share your pumpkin decorations, and all of the other things you’re trying this weekend on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

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