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Announcing the ‘Hobbies Poetry Contest’ Winners

This year’s K12 poetry contest revealed a number of talented young poets! The theme was “Hobbies,” and we received more than 400 poems from students in grades K–12 that demonstrate their poetic genius and creativity.

View our online collection of participants and see the fantastic submissions we received this year.

If you submitted a poem, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your poet’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage more writing.

The winners have been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:


First Place, Raina T., CVCS, I Live for Prayer

Second Place, Lyric C., WIVABikes and Bubbles

Third Place, Syed Zayd A., WAVA – Omak, Reading, Building Legos, Playing Soccer

First Grade

First Place, Owin F., WIVA, Swimming

Second Place, Addison B., OHVA, Soccer

Third Place, London T., OVCA, Running

Second Grade

First Place, Gloria B., AZVA, Draw All Year

Second Place, Isaiah L., MNVA, Model Railroads

Third Place, Danielle R., KSVA, Birdwatching

Third Grade

First Place, Gabrielle M., GCA, The Pastime of Imagining

Second Place, Ashlyn H., AZVA, Acting, Acting is so much fun!

Third Place, Gioia B., Miami-Dade Online, Racing into Junior Olympics

Fourth Grade

First Place, Angel C., GCA, Gymnast

Second Place, Iris J., OHVA, Photography

Third Place, Liberty C., Hoosier AcademiesWriting Poems and Stories

Fifth Grade

First Place, Javeria A., CAVA @ San Mateo, Is This A Hobby?

Second Place, Damian H., CAVA @ Los Angeles, KARATE: Leaving It All on the Mat

Third Place, Jack A., TXVA, Fishing

Sixth Grade

First Place, Zainab M., PAVCS, Crochet

Second Place, Savannah J., FLCCA @ PascoRoller Coasters

Third Place, Melody S., ALVA @ Eufaula, Basketball

Seventh Grade

First Place, Aidan F., AZVA, Ode to a Garden

Second Place, Zhoe A., LAVCA, Morning Horseback Ride

Third Place, Kaitlyn V., SCVCS, Running

Eighth Grade

First Place, Adam W., ARVA, Fishing

Second Place, Aina M., TXVA, Everything

Third Place, Myrah O., MEVA, Gardening

Ninth Grade

First Place, Laurelle B., IAVA, Hiking Through Creation

Second Place, Madison C., MGLVAA Passion for Writing

Third Place, Rachel H., MGLVA, Photography

Tenth Grade

First Place, Julene J., IDVA, I Love Writing Poems

Second Place, Ariana W., CPA, Swimming

Third Place, Madison A., Insight School of Washington, Soccer, The Passion of Champions

Eleventh Grade

First Place, Savannah T., SCVCS, Art

Second Place, Hannah I., OVCA, A Photographer’s View

Third Place, Makayla H., TXVA, Art

Twelfth Grade

First Place, Hailey B., CAVA @ San Diego, Belly Dancing

Second Place, Haley W., Hoosier Academies, Cooking

Third Place, Ian C., IDVAKayaking

Thank you for celebrating poetry with us this year and for sharing your favorite hobbies. We look forward to reading your submissions for next year’s poetry contest.

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