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Amazing Christmas Lights Show Videos

Every year, viral videos of homes with massive Christmas displays synced to music provide a fun way to watch a Christmas lights show via our social media feeds. These creative decorators began setting up their Christmas displays in November this year, and many can now serve as an inspiration for your home’s decorations or just help you get in the holiday spirit. We decided to collect some of our favorites for your viewing pleasure—so take a look and prepare to be impressed!

Hyatt Family

The Hyatt family certainly means business! They build their own Christmas village every year and, in fact, were faced with a lawsuit from their city claiming their huge yearly display is a “public nuisance.” (The Hyatt family recently won the suit.)

Stanfield Family

The Stanfield Family’s display starts with some non-traditional dubstep music, then moves on to some dance remix versions of traditional hymns and carols. Their lively display is synced well and will have you wanting to host a Christmas dance party.

Schally Family

This display is much more modest when it comes to light count, but it succeeds well with impressive music synchronicity. The Schally family seems to have prioritized a lower electric bill, but they still put on a great show.

Carol of the Bells Display

Here’s another modest display, but it’s worth highlighting because we love the effects they implemented with their trees. The way the trees change color and swell or dim with the music is very cool!

Porter Family

Another delightfully quirky display that plays the “Christmas Can Can.” We can’t get over the hilarious singing Christmas tree and its duet with the windows!

Wizards of Winter Show

This display uses 30,000+ lights! It’s an incredible display we think you might be able to see from space, not to mention it’s one of the best we’ve seen when it comes to music synchronicity.

Lights on Pascolo Display

With the new Star Wars movie release looming, we had to share this one. From the adorable child voice-over introducing the display to the incredible and unique use of TV screens within the display, this is definitely a winning presentation.

Fred Loya Show

Another outstanding display! This one speaks for itself — it has spotlights for crying out loud!

Johnson Family (San Antonio Zoo)

This one is something of a special entry; we have kept to residential displays, but it seems the Johnson family’s yearly display had evolved past what their neighborhood could handle. So for this 2016 holiday season, they moved their spectacular display to the San Antonio Zoo! Definitely an insane spectacle, this one will make you feel like you’re at a Christmas rave.

Featured Image: Brooklyn, New York City, USA - December 31, 2015: Christmas decoration of a house in Dykers Height, New York City

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Amazing Christmas Lights Show Videos