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A Night to Remember – Cyber School Prom

The ballroom was decorated, the mood lights set, centerpieces on each table, and the smell of food penetrated allAgora Prom 2011 corners of the hall.  While guests arrived dressed in flowing gowns and matching tuxedos they lined up to have pictures taken so that they would always remember this special occasion.  Pictures were taken then groups and couples gathered around tables to enjoy a fine meal and become acquainted with people they had only met’ through online classrooms or school outings.

This was the setting for the Agora Cyber School Proms held in Harrisburg and Philadelphia where sixty and almost one hundred students attended respectively.  When the students first arrived they were getting to know one another, seeing some familiar faces from outings, but largely sticking to the people they knew.  Then the DJ played the Electric Slide and a magical transformation occurred.  The dance floor was filled with colorful dresses and suits twirling and dancing all night long.

When I meet with high school students deciding if they will join an online school I hear so often, Do you have a prom? Do you have Graduation?  Is there an honors Society? What clubs do you have?  After attending the three graduations and two Agora proms, I can say with certainty that we have what you are looking for.  The graduation is incredible and getting better each year and the proms are amazing!  A special thanks to everyone who put in the efforts and planning to make these social experiences a part of our school.

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Eric Buffington

Eric Buffington teaches high school algebra for K12. He loves to witness his students "light bulb" moments when they understand something they didn't understand before. He has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from King's College and a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Wilkes University.

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A Night to Remember – Cyber School Prom

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