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6 Free Kindergarten Activities That Make Learning Fun

All parents want to ensure their kids are prepared for schoolwork and will do well in kindergarten. Since kids at this age tend to enjoy playtime, one way to help them transition into a school day and be successful kindergartners is to show them that learning can be fun. These online kindergarten activities are a great way to do that. Educational games such as those provided below will help little ones develop basic skills while keeping them engaged and interested in learning.

Once your child excels at these lessons, you can move on to first-grade activities to get a jump on those skills for the next level of learning!

Reading Activity: Color the Digraph Snake

This activity teaches kids about digraphs, which is a combination of two letters that make one sound. Digraphs can be a difficult concept for young readers. Kids can practice identifying the “sh”, “ch” and “th” digraphs in this activity.

Color the snake by listening to the instructions and matching the digraph to the correct sound.
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Writing Activity: Practice Lowercase Letters

While some students are taught to write using all capital letters, they must eventually learn how to write letters in lowercase and know when to use lowercase and when to capitalize letters in sentences. This activity allows kids to practice writing letters in lowercase.

Look at each uppercase letter, think about how they would look as lowercase letters, and try to write them in lowercase—then click the cloud to see how they should look.

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History Activity: Iconic Americans

Kids will learn about some important historical figures in this kindergarten history lesson. Each of these iconic Americans made significant contributions to the country, whether it was through inventions, their actions, or their ideas.

Match each iconic American to what they’re remembered for. Click green squares to reveal people and blue squares to reveal major accomplishments. Then answer whether they are a match.

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Math Counting Activity: Learn to Count to 50

Learning to count is the first stepping stone to learning mathematics. This kindergarten activity encourages the student to recognize and count numbers in succession. Once they’ve learned to count, students can practice what they’ve learned by looking at a scattered 31–50 number line.

Learn to count to 50 in this interactive number line by saying the number, then clicking it to see the correct answer.

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Math Addition and Subtraction Activity: Ocean Comparisons

One of the skills students learn in kindergarten is the concept of adding elements together or subtracting by taking a number away from another number. This activity combines stories in the ocean as a way to illustrate these two mathematical concepts to kids.

Let’s learn some basic addition and subtraction! Take a dive in the ocean and watch as fish come and go, then find out how many there are total.

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Science Activity: Symmetry Trees

This science activity uses trees to teach students about symmetry. When something is symmetrical, it means that it can be mirrored when split by a plane.

Look at the split trees, branches, leaves, and seeds, and then find the correct match!

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All of these online activities are part of K12 kindergarten courses. Visit to learn more about K12 courses. And find more free online activities for all grade levels on the games and activities section of this site.

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