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Fall officially started on the 22nd, and it’s time to celebrate! Welcome the new season with Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks of the top snacks, crafts, and other fun fall activities for this weekend, September 26-28.

Fall Invitation to Create: Decorate Pinecones~ Buggy and Buddy

Start by decorating pinecones. Use any kind of craft supplies you have at the house and let the kids go wild. These will make for lovely accents throughout the house, too.

via Buggy and Buddy


Autumn leaf suncatchers are another fun craft for your family to try this weekend. All you need is clear contact paper, autumn leaves, scissors, and double-sided tape. Cut two symmetrical squares of contact paper, peel the back off of one, and place the leaves on the sticky side.  Cut the paper into any shape you’d like, and reinforce any part that is not sticky with double-sided tape. Tape these creations on your windows, and enjoy the sun streaming in through the leaves.

via Fireflies and Mudpies


One of my absolute favorite parts of autumn is the fact that I get to enjoy my mom’s homemade banana nut bread. Pair this treat with a glass of milk and you have the perfect anytime treat.

via 7 on a shoe string

Apple Chips Recipe by JDaniel4's Mom

Autumn is apple season and a great time to go apple picking, bake pies, and more. Try making a great on-the-go snack by making apple chips. You have sweet, fall snack.

via JDaniel4’s Mom


Sensory jars are a great way to teach the senses and have fun at the same time. Add water to a few empty glass jars and add apple pie spice or cinnamon to teach smell. Add about 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and yellow food color, and watch the color mix with the water. Then add nature bits like sticks, leaves, pieces of a pine cone, etc. and teach the touch sensory.

via Blog Me Mom

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Brittany Marklin

Brittany Marklin

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