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4th-5th Grade World History Learning Activity: Latin America Revolutions

Test your knowledge on Latin American history. During the 1800s, many colonies in South America were under control by European countries.

This led to several revolts and revolutions. Do you know the order of events and the prominent people who led them?

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This activity can be found in our 4th Grade History Course

Course Details:

Concluding their investigation (spanning grades 1–4) into history from the Stone Age to the Space Age, fourth grade students turn to the study of the modern world. They will:

  • Learn about the Age of Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, and meet Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin
  • Become familiar with James Madison and American constitutional government, as well as Napoleon in France
  • Learn about various revolutions in Latin America
  • See how great changes—nationalism, industrialism, and imperialism—shaped, and sometimes shattered, the modern world, leading to the two world wars
  • Study many inventors and innovators who achieved great advances in communication, transportation, medicine, and government

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