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3rd Grade Reading Activity: Composition Topic

If your student is writing a paper and needs help deciding on a topic, watch this animated short with steps on getting started. This five step process will help students learn how to find, choose, and research their composition topic. Click the speaker to get started.

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This interactive activity is embedded in our Third Grade Language Arts 3 course.


This course provides a comprehensive sequence of lessons introducing students to composition, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Lessons are designed to develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and help students become a more independent readers.


  • Composition — Students practice writing as a process, as they write a narrative, a report, letters, poetry, and more
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics — Students learn about sentence structure, parts of speech, research skills, and more
  • Vocabulary — Wordly Wise provides practice in word study skills, word analysis, and reading comprehension
  • Primary Analogies — Students develop test-taking and critical thinking skills as they connect words and ideas
  • Spelling — Through weekly word lists, students learn relationships between sounds and spellings
  • Handwriting — Handwriting Without Tears helps students develop their cursive handwriting skills
  • Public Speaking — Students learn and use techniques for effective oral presentations


Students develop literary analysis and comprehension skills. The emphasis is on works that embody exemplary virtues, including Greek and Norse myths, “William Tell,” and episodes from Black Beauty. Students read works of nonfiction, as well as four novels (selected from a long list of such classics as Charlotte’s Web, Little House on the Prairie, and Henry Huggins). A test preparation program prepares students for standardized tests.

Note: Language Arts 3 is made up of 3 component courses: Literature 3, Language Skills 3, and Spelling 3. When you purchase this course, the online learning platform will display these component courses rather than Language Arts 3.

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3rd Grade Reading Activity: Composition Topic


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