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22 Must-Have Materials for a New School Year

School supplies might not always be the typical pens and paper. It might be your approach to online learning or tools for managing your time. We asked our Facebook fans for some advice on the materials they absolutely must have for the school year. Their answers are great!

Supplies you need for a new school year

1. Flexibility

2. Sense of humor

3. Coffee

4. Paper and printer ink for printing schedules

5. Confidence

6. Dry erase board

7. Patience

8. A schedule

9. Google calendar

10. A great work space

11. A great attitude

12. Pencils, highlighters, binders, notebooks

13. Field trips

14. Chocolate

15. Highlighters, crayons, markers, colored pencils

16. Laughter

17. Checklists

18. Snacks

19. Alarm clock

20. Dictionary

21. Breaks

22. Coloring books

So get those notebooks, make those checklists, and make sure to laugh (and eat some chocolate) along the way.

Check out our Back to School Resource Center for more tips about preparing for the new school year.

You can also give some inspiration to new families by telling us your K12 story.

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22 Must-Have Materials for a New School Year