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Announcing the Winners of Stride’s National 2021 Photography Competition

Students had the chance to express their creativity through Stride’s National Photography Competition. This competition enabled eligible students in grades K–12 nationwide to share their art with professional photographer judges and submit for a chance to win great prizes!

The 2021 theme was My Community. We wanted to see how students across the country would capture the special aspects of their communities.

The winners have been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:


Kindergarten- Overall

Reesun P.,



Just a kid in the streets of Detroit.


Kindergarten- First Place

Jonathan A.,


What makes our community special?: “That we live close to the mountains so we can go hiking. I like when we can go on drives. I like when we can be with our family in the mountains.”


Kindergarten- Second Place

Arianna A.,


My photograph is taken at our communities “center”. It’s called Brookfield Center. It is in the center of our community, surrounded by local businesses and homes. Here, is where community events are held. Also, people go to walk and read signs about the history of our township. It is so beautiful and relaxing.


Kindergarten- Third Place

Gavin B.,


This is a picture of our Capitol building in downtown Cheyenne, WY. I love walking around going on adventures downtown, and this building looks so cool to me! It was built between 1886 and 1890, so it’s really old but still pretty.


First Grade- Overall

Ava T.,



I took this picture at a local State Park in our community. My family and I like to camp here. There are hiking trails, a bike path and an island in the middle of the lake. My picture is of the island in the middle of the lake.


First Grade- First Place

Cambria E.,


This photo of the historic Stiefel Theater in downtown Salina, KS was taken on a cool, October performance night.


First Grade- Second Place

Julian H.,


This is the waterfall at Riverside Park, it’s in the middle of my city, and it originally opened in 1906. It’s 7 acres of fun for all ages! They have the city pool, play grounds, baseball fields, walking trails, volleyball courts, you can even rent canoes to go on the Blanchard River. My favorite thing to do at this park is the Story Walk, it’s fun to read different pages at different spots on the park.


First Grade- Third Place

Breelyn P.,


I love turtles! This is a turtle I took a picture of at our pond, while out on our three wheeler. I have loved turtles for my whole life, I help turtles that are on the road moved to the other side. I was to be a turtle vet when I am older. I have 2 pet turtles Franklin and Squirtle.


Second Grade- Overall

Carlos Isaac R.,


This picture was taken in my community. I usually like to take pictures of nature. What I think makes my community special is that we are all a team and we work hard to take care of our town. We always try to pick up litter and keep our space clean. That’s why I decided to take a picture of some flours in our town. Me and my family are so happy to live in this beautiful community.


Second Grade- Frist Place

Allison K.,



This is a photograph of a pumpkin patch at one of our local churches. It was super fun picking out a pumpkin from the patch over the weekend.


Second Grade- Second Place

Connor G.,


Its a picture of my sister standing on a fence.


Second Grade- Third Place

Uriel T.,


My son took this picture with my phone. The child pictured is his sister at one of the community parks called Gateway Park in Yuma, AZ. We live in a border town named Winterhaven, CA. This park is where many come to enjoy a day in the sun. In his words “I like going to this park to play with my brother and sister. Also with other kids. I make new friends.”


Third Grade- Overall

Isla P.,


My picture is a side image of “Brick” (a black squirrel statue) who seems to be looking across our brick downtown street at another statue of a Pony Express rider. My hometown of Marysville, Kansas, was along the Pony Express route that delivered mail by horseback around 1860. I love Marysville and appreciate these unique things about it that make it a special place to live.


Third Grade- First Place

Navia C.,


I love my Michigan home and community because we are surrounded by nature. We often see baby turtles in our yard and we love to watch them and take care of them. I took this picture while I was in photography club. I like how he is peeking through the grass, how his orange color is showing, and that we can see his sharp claws.


Third Grade- Second Place

Cooper A.,


This picture was taken at Cross Town Concourse, in downtown Memphis. It was built in 1927 as a Sears factory. Since then, it has been renovated into a huge building filled with culture, beautiful art, delicious restaurants, retail shops- and even apartments. It’s an entire community, under one roof!


Third Grade- Third Place

Conner H.,



This photo is from Wolfe’s Produce in my town, they always have the best pumpkins, my family and I go their every summer and fall. I really like their Amish baked cookies too! Wolfe’s Produce was first opened in 1941 by Howard and Rose Wolfe.


Fourth Grade- Overall

Sofia H.,



This photograph defines community for me. My perspective of community is love, laughter and togetherness. I took this picture during a connection day our teachers put together during the pandemic when we were all isolated in our homes. The joy on my friends faces is what community is about.


Fourth Grade- First Place

Jadeh C.,



Jadeh took this picture on the first day of fall. It shows a double-rainbow along the Miami skyline. This picture shows most of Downtown Miami skyrises covered by these beautiful double rainbows and reflects Peace, Love and Hope needed for my city.


Fourth Grade- Second Place

Kate C.,


Fall in Virginia is full of life, color and history. As a 4th-grader at VAVA, we are learning about Virginia’s history. My photo takes place at Mid-Lothian Mines Park in Midlothian, VA. As an admirer of architecture, I have always been drawn to the ruins of this park and it’s mines. They are surrounded by colorful woodlands and beautiful lakes and wildlife. This photo captures the strength and beauty of our community both in the present and the past.


Fourth Grade- Third Place

Lyric G.,

Indian River Virtual School

These are rocks I’ve made & started to make a rock garden for people to see at a local park.


Fifth Grade- Overall

Breckin P., WAVA


This is a photo of my community where I live. It was a wet Seattle day. A storm was coming in from the west. King 5 news called it a historical bomb cyclone. In the middle of the storm the sun lit up the city skyline. I took this photo at the perfect time were Seattle looked like the emerald city it is.


Fifth Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Sabrina F.,

Township of Ocean Intermediate School

My community is special. I have the best neighbors. They allow me to go into their yards and take photos of their flowers and trees. This is a photograph of a flower from my neighbor Holden’s yard.


Fifth Grade- First Place (Stride)

Areen M.,


It will show you a clear picture of my community which is West Bengal, Kolkata in India. This is the time of the biggest festival “Durga Puja” in the Bengals. I have tried to capture the moment when Goddess Durga idol is being taken to the Pandals before the Puja rituals. Durga Puja lasts for a week, and it is the best time of the year for the people in the “CITY OF JOY- KOLKATA”.


Fifth Grade- Second Place

Bryce C.,


Standing On The Corner, Winslow, Arizona


Fifth Grade-

Third Place

Zadrien P.,


In the photo you see two community workers. These guys have made MLK park the most fun and inviting place to play in town. New splash pad, covered basketball courts, pavilion, super fun playing ground. Thanks City Workers.


Sixth Grade- Overall

Annabella Lia S., TOPS

This photo is mainly marvelous in different ways. First the photo was outside of the front house next to a flowerbed we have and I used a canon camera then used a elastic band to put the color pencils all around the camera (tried to). I used my twin sister Nia to be my model to then be pointing the color pencil at the camera.


Sixth Grade- First Place

Lillian B.,


We live in the northern part of Alabama, and in my community, we have the most beautiful sunsets, so I wanted to share it because it’s so beautiful and meaningful to me. in fact, people stop on the side of the road to see our sunset, and that’s how we became friends!


Sixth Grade- Second Place

Parker R.,


I live in Huntsville AL, also known as “Rocket City” because this is where the engines were developed and tested that fuel the rockets for our space travel namely the Saturn V pictured here standing over my city as a reminder.


Sixth Grade- Third Place

Grace L.,


These pictures were taken during one of our duck hunting outings. The first is a picture in Low light to show how magnificent an early sunrise is and the second to reflect on the hunt itself. I love fall.


Seventh Grade- Overall

Kyra R.,


The town that I live in was formed because it’s the center of several waterways that provided transportation of goods and services. Those waterways are such a vital part of our community still. I absolutely love photographing the sunsets and sunrises here. It was so hard to choose one photo. I took this on October 21, 2021.


Seventh Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Morgan S.,

Waverly Middle School

I took a photo of my cousins in my favorite place in Nebraska, Camp Arrowhead. My community at Camp Arrowhead is very peaceful and fun. We make a lot of great memories there.


Seventh Grade- Second Place

Aira B.,




Seventh Grade- Third Place

Zoe P.,


Fond Du Lac Lighthouse is located at the southern end of Lake Winnebago and has become the symbol of the surrounding city, much like the Statue of Liberty represents New York City and the Golden Gate Bridge is linked to San Francisco. As you travel the streets of Fond du Lac, the image of the lighthouse is readily seen all over the city.


Eighth Grade- Overall

Katelin H.,


Pumpkins remind me of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving reminds me of my community of family, friends, and neighbors. The first Thanksgiving meal symbolizes gratitude for the blessings and the celebration of fellowship. The nutrient dense pumpkin is a symbol of how the attitude of gratitude can make us feel better connected to people in our community. It shouldn’t matter where we come from, only that there is love and gratitude in our heart.


Eighth Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Laela I.,


It’s taken in our community garden; a space where we grow our own organic foods and practice sustainability.


Eighth Grade- First Place (Stride)

Isabella F.,


The picture takes place inside of a car, I’m in the backseat looking out into the windshield. We are driving in our community.


Eighth Grade- Second Place

Remy S.,

Ross Middle School

My community is a outdoorsy community with lots of runners and mountain bikers.


Eighth Grade- Third Place

Seth S.,


I found this old boathouse at diamond peak mountain on our summer trip to Idaho It was a beautiful autumn day, with great light and reflections, so I had to take a picture of it! I have always loved to take cool pictures because my dad was a photographer. He taught me how and when to take a good photo. I give him a lot of credit because he taught me how to do take pictures and inspired me to do better each time and when you say “can’t”, keep on trying and say “CAN” for a great outcome!


Ninth Grade- Overall

Rivers R.,

Georgetown High School

This photograph was taken at 7:05 in the morning at Pawleys Island SC and is a beautiful example of the sea life you can find on the island.


Ninth Grade- First Place

Mariah D.,


This Photo was taken in Grand Haven by the lighthouse a lot of people come there.


Ninth Grade- Second Place

Mia A.,


I live in El Paso, Texas which is full of diverse desert life! The photo is surrounded by mountains with the main focus as a butterfly on top of some flowers! I really like the idea of everything growing in the photo. A little while ago my city endured a shooting that left everyone in a lot of pain, but since then we’ve only grown stronger as a community and as a city! El Paso Strong!


Ninth Grade- Third Place

Jacob O.,

Dixie County High School


Basketball was always a big part of my community. Even though I’ve never had the best of luck with the sport, I’ve made great friends who enjoy basketball. I submit this photo with their love and appreciation in mind.


Tenth Grade- Overall

Rinaaz K.,

South Brunswick High School

I am a sophomore who is in love with photography. Though I use my phone instead of buying a camera to take my photos, I believe that my photos are still great. If I win this commotion, then I would love to use the money to buy myself a new camera. I also would like to prove to my parents that my photography skills are not a waste of time.


Tenth Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Bianca Y.,

Harlan high school

My photograph is not what most think of when they here the word community. My picture is an image of our ROTC varsity color member walking off the field after helping start off the football game. I admire the work that all high school communities put in to achieve things like this.


Tenth Grade- First Place (Stride)

Jada F.,


My photograph is a picture of one of my cousins. We were outside and I wanted to capture a picture with the sun rings in it; I hope you enjoy!


Tenth Grade- Second Place

Alexis E.,


There are certain points in your life that your going to have to take a blind shot. Whether that is putting a picture you took in a photography contest to deciding if you love someone before they leave, we are all taking blind shots and hoping that it will end up good for us. You cannot be certain that your going to make every shot, but you can attempt. The shot in the picture was not perfect but it is the kind of shots that make you think life is going to get sweeter. And everyone needs to feel like life is going to get better.


Tenth Grade- Third Place

Mya C.,

Golden West High School

This was a photo that I took downtown of Visalia. I’ve been told that I have an artist’s eye because the moment I see something beautiful, or at least In my eyes beautiful, I need a second to capture whatever has caught my attention. This part of the downtown area has always caught my attention and I wasn’t sure why until I spotted this opportunity. The sun setting over a old law building and cramped alleyway, it looks like something straight out of movie.


Eleventh Grade- Overall

Alondra J.,



The image I uploaded is a location called the Great Salt Lake, here in Northern Utah. It is a well known location for photographers, and skydiving. The energy that surrounds The Great Salt Lake is positive and creative, which is what my community is. The Great Salt Lake reflects what we are and how everyone has there own way of being creative, with no judgment!


Eleventh Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Ethan L.,

Prosper High School

I took the photo when I went to stay with my family in California. The photo was at LAX by the pick up zone and it caught my eye from the people to the area around it about how it all came together and kinda described how the time we all are in due to covid and all the things surrounding it. I gave the title “Waiting” to the photo, I thought it perfectly described how were all waiting for something.In this case it was a ride home or to wherever, Waiting for covid to end, Waiting for something new to happen.


Eleventh Grade- First Place (Stride)

Lillian S.,


My photo is just a glimpse into what community means to me. My community is my family, and in our house family is what matters most. Sitting down and eating dinner together is the best part of everyday, so this is how I wanted to show what community is through my eyes.


Eleventh Grade- Second Place

Andrew C.,

Bishop O’Connell

I chose a bee to represent the best parts of a community. They are often forgotten, but extremely important. They tirelessly do their part to help every community, and we are all better off for them. Anyone who wants to help their community can learn something from the bumblebee.


Eleventh Grade- Third Place

Alex L.,

Bend Senior High School

I live in a community that is centered around the outdoors. Growing up, I learned to love the outdoors and what I they offer. I have learned to respect nature, as it can be both beautiful and unpredictable. Recently, I have watched as many of the outdoor activities I love to do have been fading. My community has repeatedly suffered from low water/drought years, and massive wildfires have scorched some of the most majestic places. I just hope some of these beautiful places will still be around in the future to unite communities like mine.


Twelfth Grade- Overall

Noah G.,

Ignite Christian Academy

I took this at my home church Our City Church during baptisms day. The whole community celebrated as each person sprang out of the water, renewing their life!


Twelfth Grade- First Place (Non-Stride)

Daniel W.,

Winslow High School

Two of my friends sit on an unused apple crate after picking apples at a local apple orchard during the fall of 2021.


Twelfth Grade- First Place (Stride)

Angelina T.,


My photograph utilizes green screen, studio editing and layering. I used green construction paper, and ibis paint for cutouts. The edits of the cards, the burger from what-a-burger, the comb and rollers, and my cousin guinea pig are all things that are related to being part of the way I see “community. This is community- each one is unique. My art is behind all the cutouts, and this is also part of how I see community. The art community online can gather many people of the same interest together, creating a space online. This explains the brushes I’m holding on the right.


Twelfth Grade- Second Place

Maximus W.,


This photograph was taken during the BLM protests in the summer of 2020 in downtown Columbus. In the photograph, protesters can be seen writing statements of unity on the William McKinley monument outside the state house. In the immediate foreground, you can see other protesters handing out food and water to anyone that needed it, regardless if they were protesting or not. Between the protesters writing on the monument, and handing out food and water, this powerful image shows the unity between those in my community. Even though this photograph was taken over a year ago, the social justice issues present in the image are still very relevant issues today. They will continue to be issues until everyone is treated equally, no matter what they look like.


Twelfth Grade- Third Place

Canyon S.,


I took this photo at the local skate park. I don’t skate, so it was incredibly intimidating to do candid shots there. I love how skate parks are a great example of a community. People go there with friends, or they leave with friends. I found it quite symbolic how the skater in focus is just about to go into the bowl. This could be likened to life, how as teenagers, we haven’t seen real life. Taking that leap of faith is scary for someone inexperienced, both in life and skating.


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