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1st Grade Math Learning Activity: Karate Word Problems

Practice several word problems in this fun interactive math activity. This activity can help introduce word problems to younger students and allow them to visualize the math. Follow Alexander as he takes you through several karate-themed problems.

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This activity is available in our First Grade Math Course

This research-based course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. The engaging course features new graphics, learning tools, and games; adaptive activities that help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on; and more support for Learning Coaches to guide their students to success. This course for students in Grade 1 extends their work with place value to numbers through 100, emphasizing fluency of addition and subtraction facts, and focusing on number sentences and problem solving with addition and subtraction. Students begin work with money, telling time, ordering events, and measuring length, weight, and capacity with non-standard units. Students identify attributes of geometric figures and also extend their work with patterns and data, including representing and comparing data.

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