Learning about the global migration of our ancestors has typically come out of a textbook. Now, students can track the journey of a man who’s re-creating humans’ 21,000 mile journey out of Africa by walking it himself for a project called Out of Eden Walk.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek set out last year to follow the path taken by early humans as they migrated from Ethiopia to the Southern tip of South America. His journey will take a full seven years to complete and will be done in 2020.

Salopek will chronicle his journey, tell stories of the people he meets, and discuss important issues of our time such as technological innovation, cultural survival, and climate change.

Out of Eden Learn is an online learning community that allows students to follow the walk. Students can engage in the project by investigating contemporary global issues, exploring their own neighborhoods, sharing their perspectives, and interacting with one another. The goal of this online interactive community is to “ignite students’ interest in the wider world and support them to become more informed, thoughtful, and engaged ‘global citizens.’” Salopek checks in with this learning community and sometimes creates special audio messages for students.

Students can also learn about a specific part of our ancestors’ journey with this interactive online activity.

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