Valentine’s Day is next weekend, and it can be a bit overwhelming to make sure significant others and kids are all made to feel special. On top of that, you probably have to help your kids put something together for family, friends, and classmates. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for crafts and activities to make your prep for the lovely holiday a bit simpler.


Capture all of the love your family has in 2015 with matching t-shirts. These make for great photo opportunities, and can be a fun craft for everyone to partake in.

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Personalized puzzles are so much fun for kids and adults. Use Popsicle sticks or blank puzzle pieces, and share one of your favorite photos. If you’re up for the challenge, you could make a collage of family photos and put the pieces together as part of a family game night.

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Coasters are another great personalized gift for anyone to have as a constant reminder of your love. Use stamps and embossing powder or pictures and mod podge to seal this Valentine’s Day idea!

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This is such a cute Valentine’s Day idea for kids to share with their friends. Make molds by breaking up crayons and baking in cookie sheet, and glue or tape to a piece of paper with a note that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day for “crayon” out loud!”

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 Friendship bracelets are NOT a thing of the past. They are actually “in” right now, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to make bracelets for friends or family. Use material like rope, leather, or suede, and add a few hex nuts in, or try a cool braid with some beads.

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Share your Valentine’s Day ideas for crafts, activities, and all of the other things you’re trying this weekend in the comments or on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

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