The Olympics always bring plenty of fun and excitement for families who enjoy watching their favorite athletes and teams compete. Crafts and activities related to the events can make the games even more fun and educational for kids.

These are just a few of the many Olympic-themed crafts and activities that we found, from some very creative bloggers.

DIY Olympics Gold Medals

Celebrate the Olympics and your kids’ achievements with a shiny gold medal. The craft below uses painted salt dough, but there are other fun options too. For even easier medals, download these printable gold medals and give them to kids to encourage them to Go for Your Gold:

2012 Olympic Gold Medals Tutorial #olympics #goldmedal

via Paging Supermom


DIY World Flags

A highlight of every Olympic games is the opening and closing ceremonies and traditional “Parade of Flags.” Have kids create their own flags for different countries for a fun craft and geography lesson in one. You can string your flags on a garland, as below, or add a popsicle stick for a flag to wave as you cheer on your team:

via Small for Big

Have an Olympics Snack

Your child might not have Olympic aspirations, but we can all aim to be healthy and active! As the pinnacle of athletic achievement, the Olympics are a great time to talk with kids about the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Have a healthy snack while you watch the games, and you can even get creative and serve Olympic-themed food like this flag-shaped sandwich!

flag shaped foodvia Cookie Cutter Lunch

Olympic Charts and Graphs

For a more educational Olympics activity, download these printable charts and graphs. Kids use this chart to keep track of which countries are winning and what the scores are. This activity will keep kids engaged in the games and teach scoring.

olympic medals cut outvia

DIY Olympic Torch

Hold a torch relay of your own with this DIY Olympic torch that really glows:

Glowing TeaLight Olympic Torch Craft | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM

via OHMY-Creative

Olympic Rings Crafts

Of course, the most recognizable symbol of the Olympics are the Olympic rings. Take a few minutes to research with kids what the rings symbolize, then create your own. You can stamp, bend, or cut your rings, or try folding them with the origami ring craft below:

Origami Olympic rings

via Activity Village

Olympics Printable Coloring Pages

Download these free printable Olympic sport coloring pages from and let them color their favorite events:

javelin image for coloring


Homemade Olympics Ring Toss Game

Practice your aim and hand-eye coordination with a classic game of ring toss, with an Olympics twist:

via Kidspot

Homemade Olympic Skating Rink for Toys

Freeze your own mini-skating rink for some fun pretend play. Kids can recreate the figure, pairs, or speed skating events with their favorite action figures or dolls:


via I Can Teach My Child

Books about the Olympics

Here’s a great selection of educational non-fiction books for kids, as well as fun storybooks with an Olympics theme. Perfect for a bedtime story after cheering for your favorite athletes:

via The Educator’s Spin on It

If you try one of these Olympics crafts, tell us about it and share a photo in the comments!

There are plenty more great ideas out there, so be sure to follow our Olympics Pinterest board for even more inspiration. And K12’s main Pinterest site is also a favorite source for more crafty ideas.

This post was updated July 2016

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